At CrossFit 725 we believe in fitness through community.


We believe in developing people’s true potential through tough workouts and great coaching, and keeping people encouraged and engaged through an amazing community of coaches and members. We believe in making your workout the best hour of your day, and making you excited to come back again and again.


Take the first step towards a better you, and join us today for a free trial!


Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity. Every day is a new, challenging combination, of barbells, kettlebells, running, jumping, rowing, gymnastics, and just about anything else you could think of. Keep your training fun and exciting while pushing your fitness to the next level.

Our “Sweat” classes run 40 minutes long,
and require no previous CrossFit experience.
The workouts are high intensity, cardio-focused workouts. Kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight movements, running, rowing, jumping, and getting in great shape.

Snatches, clean & jerks, squats, pulls, and presses. This barbell-centred program is designed to get you stronger through drills, progressions, and complexes. Classes are run by an experienced coach and are open to all levels.

Get a specific program and personal 1-on-1 attention that is tailored to your fitness level, experience, goals, as well as your likes and dislikes. Also available for groups.

Similar to personal training, our Foundations program is designed to help you develop a solid foundation of movement and mechanics, before jumping in to either CrossFit or Weightlifting classes. Foundations session can be done 1-on-1, or with a group.


All Unlimited Memberships come with full access to all Durham Ultimate Fitness locations, along with free towel service, steam rooms, yoga classes, and day care are all included. Prices are based on a 1-year commitment.

Unlimited CrossFit Membership - $64.99 biweekly

Unlimited CrossFit and Weightlifting Membership - $69.99 biweekly

Unlimited CrossFit and Weightlifting Referral Rate [2 or more people] - $59.99/Person biweekly

Unlimited CrossFit Membership for First Responders, Nurses, and Military - $54.99 biweekly

Unlimited CrossFit Membership Student Rate - $49.99 biweekly

Unlimited CrossFit and Sweat Membership - $69.99 biweekly

Unlimited Sweat Membership - $119.99/month

Personal Training - $69.99/60 minute Session

Foundations - $69.99/60 minute Session

Nutritional Counseling - $29.99/30 minute Session

Goal Setting - $29.99/30 minute Session

1 Class - $19.99

5 Classes - $99.99

10 Classes - $179.99

15 Classes - $249.99

20 Classes - $299.99

50 Classes - $629.99

Growing up, I was always very active. As someone who played sports all throughout my childhood, I always had a deep seeded desire to run, jump, climb, and move. Once I stepped back from athletics, I needed something to fill that desire.


CrossFit not only filled the void, but it also gave me so much more. A community of like-minded individuals, who want to push one another to be better. I immediately fell in love with the community aspect of CrossFit, and I really try to emphasis that in every class I coach. From joking around, and cheering people on, to encourage members to push themselves past their limits. I have a sense of responsibility and care for every single member at CrossFit 725, and I try to have a positive impact on everyone who steps foot in the gym.

Being physically active has always been an important part of my life whether it be through sports or activities like hiking and snowboarding. Learning to cook and bake from my grandmother sparked my love for it and I have continued to enjoy being creative in the kitchen developing healthy, (most of the time) recipes for meals and baked goods.


My interest in living a healthy lifestyle started when I was young and as I got older it made sense to go to school for something that I loved so much. In 2017 I got my diploma in Health and Fitness from Durham College and I am currently studying Kinesiology at the UOIT.


A friend introduced me to Crossfit about 2 years ago and after my first workout I wanted more. I found Crossfit to be both challenging and humbling, and the drive to be better, along with the amazing community it has brought me, has kept me hooked. I look forward to seeing what my future in Crossfit holds as an athlete and a coach.

I was introduced to CrossFit in 2013. Growing up I was very active. I played hockey competitively for 15 years as well as lacrosse, soccer and golf. After I stopped playing competitive sports, I was introduced to CrossFit and have been hooked ever since. I not only found an outlet for my competitive nature but also discovered an incredible community.


Being able to coach here at CrossFit 725 is both rewarding and humbling. Building relationships with members and seeing them achieve more than they ever thought possible is very rewarding. It has been great sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years with such a great community, and I look forward to what the future has in store for everyone.


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